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Happy Birthday, Talisha!

Metcon (Time)

600m Banded KB Farmer Carry (55/35) 100 Weighted Hollow Rocks (15/10)

75’ Sliding Dumbbell Bear Crawls (55/35) 10 Tire Flips
Athlete may partition the work however they want, just get the work done. These movements will feel awkward, that is the point! Constantly varied. I can hear your groans, I promise you will be okay. Probably.

Banded Farmer Carry: use thinnest bands available, double them up, feed through handle of KB. You must grip the band, you CANNOT wrap the band around your wrist.

Dumbbell Bear Crawls: Place two dumbbells on ground in front of you, place your hands on the rear dumbbell head, you will push one dumbbell forward and step forward with the other leg, then repeat with the other side, like a bear crawl. Continue this for 75’. Just like a bear crawl except this is going to take quite a bit of effort.